AT/Po: Brahmin Pada,Dist: Nuapada


Potential leaders workshop:

Objective of the workshop: To build capacity of potential women leaders through training for enable them to contest in the election. 11nos of Potential leaders workshop were conducted at Cluster level at both Boden and Khariar block. In those workshops total 330 numbers of Potential leaders were attained and trained as potential leaders.

Gender and Panchayat resource center

During the year 2nos of GPRC function at bothKomna and Boden block to dissemination ofinformation relenting to governance and womenrights. One is at Komna head quarter underKomna block and another is at Community THE AYAUSKAM under Boden Cluster level EWRs federations resource is taking responsibility to function the center. The center federations given responsibility to active leadersfor open the GPRC .At Komna block it is openingin every Saturday and at Boden it is opening inevery Monday of every month.

Campaign on Violence against women:

We had conducted 7days of mobile campaignin both blocks Boden and Komna from dt-02.12.2015 to 08.12.2015 to raise awarenessamong the people about violence againstwomen. Through the campaign 115 nos, 2488 women, 1393 male, 25nosAWW, 30nos Govt. official and 1748 nos students were covered through different activities of the campaign. Apart from abovearound 30,000 people access the MobileCampaign Ratha in two blocks. Throughdistribution of leaflet and poster related toviolence against women & legal provisionwere highly acceptable by the people. Theylook out the picture in the poster &information board and realize the situation ofwomen violence.

Community Sensitization meeting on installation of Solar:

A meeting was organized at Pipel chhaper village of Boden block on DT-26.09.2017 in the center point of the village. .In the sensitization meeting all the villagers of the village around 120 nos people attained and discussed the various issue of the village, like Eduaction, Health, ICDS, electric and migration etc. A part from above issue electric is the major problem for villagers. Because due to lake of electric following important works should not done by the villagers like,1. Students are faced difficulties in their study during Night time.2. Rechage of cell phone is major challenges in the village. For the purpose people are going to another nearest village for charging of cell phone.3. Women are facing difficulties during night to move either and higher.

Street plays (Pala)

Objective of the Programme: To build an enabling environment for women candidates and generate awareness among the people to conducts free & fair election. Outreach of the Programme :During the period 13nos of street play (PALA) on three tire Panchayatiraj election organized 13 villages of both blocks to raise awareness among the people about three tires Panchayatiraj Street play (PALA)on SWEEP election. Through the street plays (PALA) 14 numbers of EWRs, 308nos male and 334nos of women, 6nos of Anganwadis worker and one government official were covered as per the program registration. Apart from above, around 15,000 people access the programme without registration in two blocks. Distribution of leaflet, poster, dangler and flex banner related to three tire Panchayatiraj election were highly accepted and preferred by the people. They look out the picture in the poster & flex banner and realize that it is very much important to increase women participation in the Panchayatiraj system.

SWEEP meeting at village level:

During the month, 22nos of village level SWEEP meeting were organized at both. Boden and Khariar. 68nos of EWRs, 698nos of Women, 851nos of men, and 12nos of Government official from both blocks were attained in the programme. The meeting had been organized to discussion on SWEEP.

SWEEP meeting at Block level

2nos of Block level SWEEP meeting had been organized in Khariar and Boden, where government officials were also participated. 76 EWRs, 16 MAS leaders, 8 media persons, 3 NGO representatives and 5 Government officials from both blocks were participated in the programme. Block development officer and police personal were attended in the meeting as chief guest where as Dr. Ajit Ku. Panda Director, AYUSKAM presided over the meetings. President and Secretary of both ALIBHA blocks federation also invited to the desk and lead the programme. In this meeting following matter was discussed.

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