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  • To aware the community about equal participation of men & women in the society and utilised women’s full potential as resources for national development, to create, build, organize and promote new resources which will be utilized by the vulnerable groups.

  • To under take vasions women’s development plan which could strengthen the empowerment of women in different spheres of economic empowerment in particular for upliftment of women to ensure a peaceful existence for them in words for employment oriented. Vocational training programme (Procuring & processing) like food processing, leather processing, handicraft, tailoring, thread and loons, typing, dress designing, nursing, nursery raising, weaving, construction, accounting etc. for various income oriented programme and establish a marketing society and make link less with outside marketing society etc.

  • To organize collective savings, village banks, grain banks land revolving funds for creating an alternative micro credit system. To develop the savings attitudes of the members as well as non members by involving themselves with the bank/postal deposit mobilization schemes time to time.

  • To carry out training programmes, awareness camps, study tours and such other programme in order to actualize the objectives of skill and competency improvement, knowledge and attituditional changes and all such cognitive effective and connective changes of the women and weakness resources of the community.

  • To encourage and participate in co-operative efforts and foster the community service. To spread the knowledge for cottage industries and other sources for self employment.

  • To keep an eye on drought prone areas programme and the desert development programme different watershed approach will be taken into account. The integrated wasteland development project schemes will be taken-up at the aim to develop waste lands on a watershed basis. The common thing among their programmes will be the basic objective of land and water resource management for sustainable production optimum utilization of the watersheds natural resources like land, water, vegetation etc. that will mitigate the adverse effect of drought and prevent further ecological degradation. To encourage the restoration of ecological balance through sustained community action for the operation and maintenance of assets created for the development of the potential natural resources in the watershed.
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