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  • In this area, the tribal people are not aware about their own health. There is no medical facility for the people for this they have to move here/there also they quite neglected their health and hygiene. Their food habit is very in nutrient. Also they do not know to take care of the new born babies and pregnant women. The work of the paramedical staff of the Govt. is highly not in the service mentality. People of this area are totally backward about child’s care, Ante-natal care. So they have becomes the victims of the many Disease and Acute infections, high IMR & MMR. So AYAUSKAM have work in this area to eradicate the above problem by our RCH project and mainstreaming with different programme.

  • To promote and undertake social service and developmental activities among the poor & weaker sections of the society SCs, STs, women and children as well as other less fortunate, suffering from poverty, lot of health problems, illiteracy, ignorance and exploitation for improvement of their living standard through intensive field work search up to date & in institutional.

  • To establish an up to date health care Centre for servicing good health care system to the needy.

  • We are working in the field of HIV/AIDS & PLWHA.

  • To provide a safety profile with high efficacy, easily available and at a low cost an ancient method of treatment (I.S.M.) Ayurveda will be introduced under the proper guidance of skilled and technical persons, under this head, society will go for Herbal Gardening in a massive scale may be of its own or by taking the assistance of any out side agencies like Govt. or any other international Agencies.

  • To carry out awareness camp for RTI, STD, HIV/AIDS and to rehabilitate the sex workers. Under this account different programme will be taken up separately or in coordination with Govt. or any other international Agencies.

  • To establish and promote a centre for rehabilitation and physically handicapped and mentally retarded person.

  • To create awareness among the people against wine and other intoxication.

  • To create awareness among the people on safe drinking water, sanitation & promote the same for creation of healthy society.

  • To create awareness among the people (in rural areas) about social forestry environmental pollution with an aim to preserve ecological balance.

  • To initiate, encourage and organize rural youth, women, children (boys & girls) adult to participate actively in the programme of education & development.

  • To provide all-round facilities such as health, education, training shelter, entertainment to destitute, disabled and helpless of the society.

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